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How to capture customer emotions and put digital empathy into practice


Customer service competence is not a differentiator. But customer service competence with empathy is. So how can you create empathetic experiences in digital service? A new report reveals all. 

22nd Apr 2022

Research shows that emotions are the key factor when making a decision. Without any emotions, we are not able to decide. This is an important insight and essential to know when doing business.

How about if you’d know how your customers feel before they tell you? And how about you can do that every day, at every vital touchpoint in their customer journey? This is digital empathy, and together with predictive behavioural analytics at scale, companies can become more customer empathetic and hence create a sustainable positive impact on the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental value.

The idea of digital empathy as ‘the next best thing’ in making products or services stand out from their competitors and in improving customer experience through meaningful, ethical and authentic interaction is deeply alluring. And what has been achieved in this field so far is just the tip of the iceberg...

To shed more light on this hot topic, Jonathan Hawkins, the Founder & CEO of Anthrolytics, has authored a new report exploring why empathy is so important to a differentiated customer experience, whether empathy can be achieved in a digital environment, and how you start to deliver digital empathy. 

Produced in conjunction with MyCustomer and QuestionPro, The Digital Empathy 2022 Report provides a comprehensive look at why empathy is essential to better understand customers and how to apply it at scale in practice: opening up the next frontier in retention and growth.

Also featuring a real-world case study of digital empathy in action, the report explains how your organisation can turn the Golden Rule of CX on its head: Don't treat customers like you want to be treated... treat customers like they want to be treated. 

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