IBM launches analytics offering to predict customer behaviour

22nd Mar 2012

Tech giant IBM has announced the launch of a new analytics solution, combining business data with social feeds, to help organisations predict customers' buying habits. 

Through analysing customer data – collected from social networks, logged customer service interactions and web click stream data – Next Best Action aims to help a company predict customer behaviour and preferences on a customer’s next actions. According to the firm, the solution will help organisations cope with the growing amount of customer information in the Big Data era.

The solution forms part of its 'Smarter Analytics Signature Solutions' portfolio, which the company says will help companies seize the opportunities of Big Data and extract insights.

Another solution from the package, Anti-fraud, Waste & Abuse, is designed to help organisations protect against fraud. According to the company, the solution embeds advanced algorithms directly into business processes to ensure government agencies and insurers detect fraud in real time - before funds are paid out. Using analytics, the solution then recommends the most effective solution for each case.

The third offering, CFO Performance Insight, aims to use analytics to provide increased insight and control over financial performance, as well as giving a company predicative analytics based on past performance. The package is designed for CFOs and financial executives and delivered on an ‘executive style’ dashboard.

Bridget van Kralingen, SVP, IBM Global Business Services, said: “These new capabilities target the agendas of global business leaders operating in a world of accelerating complexity, unpredictability and massively available information By integrating analytics into business processes and converting new insights into action, IBM is helping organizations transform big data from a threat into an opportunity, one that will be their most valuable natural resource.”

IBM is due to reveal more about is ‘Smarter analytics signature solution’ portfolio at the IBM Smarter Analytics Leadership Summits next week. 


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By arynjosh
24th Sep 2012 15:55

Predict customer behavior?! You must be kidding me right? No one can predict behavior such as this one. - Instant Tax Solutions

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