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IBM launches customer experience consultancy

4th Feb 2014
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A new consulting practice has been developed by IBM to help businesses improve the customer experience they offer. The new service is staffed by a collaborative team of design superstars, user-experience heroes and research whizzes, whose ultimate aim is to help prepare businesses for the big disruptions that lie ahead, and equip them for 21st-century CRM success. 

IBM Interactive Experience, as it’s called, will channel Big Data's powers into championing individual, personalised customer engagement and improving business strategy. This will be done using sophisticated analytics that can organise unstructured, qualitative data and convert it into a useful and actionable format. For example, life event detection will be used to analyse unstructured data from social media and map out insightful events in customers’ lives, while behavioural pricing will align consumers’ responses to pricing with transaction data to help businesses come up with effective pricing strategies.

This new service could offer invaluable help for companies who fear they aren't quite up to the Big Data challenge - of which there is no shortage. The findings of IBM's forthcoming study show that a considerable 83% of CMOs don't think their company is prepared for the Big Data boom and feel they are ill-equipped to make the most of it. The same study showed that 94% of market leaders believe advanced analytics will play a crucial part in their future success, meaning businesses are recognising the need to up their game when it comes to data management.

Paul Papas has been appointed as the Managing Partner of the IBM Interactive Experience practice and says: "We intentionally created this practice inside the broader consulting capability of our newly formed Strategy and Analytics Service Line, because the definition of high-value in business services is evolving across a continuum of experience design, data, and business strategy. This level of integration anticipates that client agenda and creates the next-generation services organization – the first true digital agency, consultancy, and systems integrator." 

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