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Infographic: Re-engaging your email subscribers

15th Feb 2016

IDG’s 2015 report into data quality highlighted that accuracy remains the “top priority” among 66% of marketing professionals, yet a corresponding survey by Demand Gen Report revealed that more than 62% of organisations still rely on prospect data that is 20-40% incomplete or inaccurate

According to Email Monks, email data is the quickest to decay, and on average, 75% of all email subscribers are 'inactive'.

What causes this rapid disengagement, and how can brands encourage re-engagement with prospects before they become part of the inaccurate data group?

This infographic gives some top tips (zoom to enlarge):

Email marketing

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By David1207
22nd Feb 2016 08:06

Hi Chris

According to me, sending low quality content is the main reason that's why subscribers get disengaged.

If we really want to engage our email subscribers then we must need to understand that what our email subscribers want to read.

We should try to find their problems and should help them to solve their issues and overcome their pains.

In this way, we can get lots of trust from our subscribers and they will get engaged automatically. :D

Thanks for writing such a nice article with a beautiful infographics.

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Replying to David1207:
Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
23rd Feb 2016 14:17

Hi David.

In that case, I have to ask - was this particular infographic something you found valuable and wanted to read?

You mention 'we should try to solve their issues and overcome their pains'. I'd be keen to know what your approach is to doing this and whether you think email is a valid method for successfully doing this?

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