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Informatica pitches data integration into the Cloud

25th Nov 2009
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Informatica Cloud9 has been released with the Amazon and markets in its sights.

Informatica has expanded its data integration Cloud services with collaboration features for developers and broader support for and Amazon's EC2 platforms. 

The new software offers improvements in six technology categories: enterprise data integration, data quality, business-to-business data exchange, application information lifecycle management, complex event processing and Cloud data integration.

Informatica Cloud9 comprises a multi-tenant, data-integration platform-as-a-service; software-as-a-service data integration and data quality applications. For the new release offers broader connectivity, more flexible scheduling capabilities, and better support for assignment rules when working with marketing leads. Expanded offerings for Amazon's EC2 includes a broad range of services that include profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring as well as support for Amazon's relational database service as both source and target endpoints.

The data quality services on Amazon EC2 is also available in beta. The production release is scheduled for the first quarter of next year. The beta version is offered with pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $30 per hour and traditional perpetual licensing pricing.

A boon for customers

"Overall this release will be a boon for Informatica customers," said Ovum's Madan Sheina. "The most immediate beneficiaries are those that have been calling for a more unified data integration-quality environment - something that's perhaps long overdue, particularly for a company that professes to be laser-focused on data integration.

"However, this is a big step in maturity for Informatica's data quality offerings, giving them the ability to use profiling, quality scoring and validation rules as mappings alongside traditional transformation logic in the common PowerCenter platform. For now those capabilities are limited to the data integration-quality environment only. But Informatica will add it to the ILM and CEP environments as well.

“Informatica might well be the last word in data integration today. But it must also heed to new trends in application development and deployment that demand easier, quicker and cheaper data access, movement and integration - at the speed of SOA," adds Sheina. "Informatica 9 hints at some of that. But this release is more of an attempt to consolidate and unify Informatica's recent expansive moves into areas like application-oriented ILM, CEP and SaaS data integration, with the core PowerCenter platform acting as the enterprise-grade runtime engine for all the outputs, rather than a brand new vision for data integration."


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