Mobile tops Cloud and Big Data as CIO innovation priority

9th May 2012

Some interesting snippets from Constellation Research with the declaration that CIO's seeking innovation are now looking less at Cloud Computing and virtualisation and more towards mobile technologies - while Big Data is also becoming more compelling.

In an update to its Four Personas of the Next Gen CIO to be published later this month, Constellation looks again at key disruptive technologies would make an impact in the enterprise in the next year.

Mobile enablement is now the top priority (60.2%) as organisations focus on 'anywhere, anytime' computing. CIOs are working on the infrastructure required to support BYOD and CoIT.
The other big rise in interest is on Big Data and analytics (48.7%). "Big Data is hot," says Constellation. "Today innovative CIOs take the Lytro approach. As with a light field camera where you take the picture first and then focus, big data strategies start with capture the data and find the correlations later."
In other trends, despite its drop, Cloud deployment retains a predominant preference (56.4%) so that Cloud is assumed as the deployment option of choice. Constellation argues that CIOs are now looking at providing the platforms to support apps stores, and applications development in the Cloud to spur innovation.
Social software enablement grow slowly among CIOs (33.4%) with CIOs focusing less on external social software while CMO counterparts drive the purchase and adoption.

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By Tom Cahill
09th May 2012 16:44

The survey from Constellation Research highlights, yet again, that Big Data is real and represents a huge opportunity. The variety, velocity, and volume of data available has never been richer for the picking of technologists and business leaders. We've seen the rise of big data – organisations increasingly taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the information out there - harnessing its volume. The truly flexible way to tackle the data is often with cloud BI. The current interest and advancement of Cloud BI helps to confirm that reporting and analytics have really become part of the fundamental fabric for the Cloud platform infrastructure.

Tom Cahill, VP Worldwide Channels at Jaspersoft

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