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Programmatic marketplace shows significant growth

31st May 2015
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According to the new Advertising Intelligence Report from Turn, the buying of programmatic advertising has shown significant growth in the last 12 months, across all channels.

It states brands are increasingly embracing programmatic buying, with EMEA and APAC markets, in particular, “continuing to mature towards stable levels of high competition”.

In Europe and Middle Eastern regions, the video market is highly competitive and “fairly stable”, having matured rapidly thanks to quick adoption across the board.

Meanwhile, competition for video in the Americas was steep during the holiday season, but became less predictable starting in the new year, pointing to the potential seasonal opportunities programmatic buying triggers.

APAC’s programmatic market for display is maturing to look similar to EMEA and the Americas, the report states, but APAC’s adoption in social, mobile and video is still expected to grow exponentially across the coming year.

“Spend and competition are increasing in the maturing European market, leading to more intelligent data-driven budget allocation this year,” said Pierre Naggar, managing director EMEA, Turn.

“Brands and agencies are using sophisticated audience-first strategies to plan for more creative and engaging programmatic advertising. Europe is breeding an exciting group of marketers who are using data science and insights to gain an advantage against the competition.”

The rise of programmatic is no surprise to most data-driven marketers, however the speedy progression of the medium has left many to ponder what the next evolution will be.

Dominic Trigg, managing director at Rocket Fuel recently told he expected to see a “widespread adoption of ‘programmatic branding’” in this space, and that marketers were having their heads turned by the opportunity to buy individual impressions and target consumers with a particular product of interest to lower their cost per acquisition (CPA) and increase ROI.   

“Concerns over the quality of inventory available for purchase has generally kept brand advertisers away from real-time bidding,” he said. “However, brand marketers aren’t content to use broad demographics and fixed audience targets but are looking to reach specific campaign goals by targeting an optimised audience at an influential point of their path to purchase.

“Marketers are beginning to realise that the ability to optimise in real time will help them to drive improved ROI for their branding campaigns.”

Other key statistics from Turn’s report include that:

  • Marketer spend on mobile was up 132%
  • Video ad spending increased 62%
  • Display, a globally mature channel, continued to grow spending by 17%
  • Social ad spending fell by 8%  

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