Smartphone users most likely to dump provider after security breach
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New research has revealed three quarters of UK smartphone owners would dump their network provider following a security breach, rather than high fees.

Crossbeam Systems surveyed over 1,000 UK smartphone users and bill payers and found 75% would change mobile providers if their smartphone was compromised by hackers, malware or other security failure.

Women (79%) were found to be the most likely to switch on security grounds than men (70%).

Additionally, in the instance of being hacked, respondents said they were most worried about access to their personal information, such as credit card numbers and passwords (53%); followed by losing their stored contacts (42%); and their private media (photos, videos, text messages etc) being accessed and copied (37%).

However, monthly costs were still found to have some bearing on reasons for switching operators. According to the figures, 64% of those surveyed cited high monthly running costs as something that would drive them away from their current network provider. Other reasons for switching included poor voice quality (10%), data plan limits (7%) and slow download speeds (6%).

Peter Doggart, senior director of global marketing at Crossbeam, said: “Smartphone users, like most people, don’t think about the security of their devices until they’ve been hacked. This may be misleading mobile network operators to focus less of their attention on customer security and underestimate the risk it creates.

 “There is an inadequate level of investment in security compared to other areas of the mobile network. This is a wake-up call for service providers, especially as we’re reaching a critical mass of smartphone users worldwide, not to mention a critical mass of data-enabled endpoints connecting to mobile phone networks including smartphones, tablets, eBook readers and more. The quantity of threats directed at mobile devices and their level of sophistication are on the rise.”

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