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A beginner's guide to interactive content marketing

17th Nov 2015
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Consumers have shut off most of the traditional marketing media such as TV, radio and print and rely more on the internet as a source of information about products and services. Good marketers understand the diminishing effectiveness of these traditional media, making content marketing one of the best way to present your brand to the people.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach geared towards creating and spreading consistent and relevant action in order to attract and retain a relevant audience. The content will eventually lead the customer to making a profitable action.

Content marketing is all about communicating with your customers without directly trying to drive a sale to them. It is all about equipping the buyer with knowledge that makes them a more intelligent consumer. You are not pitching your product but giving the customer information relevant to the product. When you consistently deliver quality and valuable information to your customers, they will in turn reward you with their business and loyalty. This is the ultimate gain of content marketing.

Internet marketing is not possible without great content

Content marketing is often a part of almost any marketing strategy you use online. Quality content is necessary for:

  • Social medial marketing.
  • Search engine optimisation: businesses that often publish quality and consistent content enjoy higher search engine rankings.
  • Public Relations: addressing issues that readers care about, show that you also care.
  • Inbound marketing: you need quality content to drive inbound traffic.

Many consumers prefer getting company information in an interesting read rather than advertisement. The content helps them feel like they make better product decisions and are therefore closer to the sponsoring company.

Content outreach pyramid

The content outreach pyramid is a strategic plan that you can use to get in front of your target. This strategy model helps you identify high authority targets and gain your attention in order to secure your outreach opportunity. You can create a web network of relevant content that will drive PageRank back to your website from the valuable relationships that you create. The content outreach pyramid is made of five levels.

Level 1: identifying the target

This is the most important stage because without a specific target, you are groping around in the dark and this is pointless. You need to know the end target where you want your content published. When choosing your outreach target, consider the potential audience reach of that platform, the authority of the domain and the social following of the target. Reach out to the main influencer on the website, for instance, the one who makes regular posts and get links to their social media profiles.

Level 2: who or what influences the target

There must be a source of influence that leads the target to make the kind of posts they do regularly. Therefore, you need to find out what or who your target is exposed to or what they are influenced by that motivates their content. Therefore, instead of sending them content directly, you can get content to them organically based on this influence. This is the best way to create a natural acceptance towards your content rather than shoving it directly to them. You will probably get more traction this way. You can start contacting these users for outreach opportunities on their blogs.

Level 3: find out what influencers share

You need to find influencers who are relevant to the content that you want to use to approach your target. Go down the list of top influencers and find out what they share in their network. If the content is similar to yours, then you are more likely to get their support than anyone else. You can use social media monitoring tools to find their tweets and Facebook posts and find out whether they are relevant to your content. Developing the list of clear targets to reach out too is the best way to ensure you get a great deal of visibility in front of your target audience.

Level 4: reaching out to influential websites

Once you have gathered all the relevant data about these different websites and influencers, you can start pointing out websites that you can use to expose your brand. The most valuable websites to get your content into are those often shared by influencers that contain relevant information according to level 3.

Not all of these websites may be easy to get your content into but at least you have an idea where you need to start. It may take some time before you can get on these targets. They will help you to create a plan on the content strategy that you will use to attract interested audiences.

You also need to consider how well you can link between these websites and your own site. Content outreach is not only about getting valuable content to your target audience but also creating quality links back to your own site that will drum up business. You need to create links between the articles in order to build up a network of web related data.

Level 5: reach out to your target audience

The buck does not stop with getting your content on these websites. You still have a lot of work to do reaching out to your audiences. You will find your audiences commenting or sharing your content and these are the individuals you need to reach out to and build a relationship by finding the right opportunities to reach out to them.


Understanding who and what influences your target is essential to building quality content that will generate brilliant results. Going for the sale every time you interact with the customer makes them loose interest fast, but customers will warm up if they know you have more to offer than simply trying to get their money. However, it is important to remember that the loyalty you create using content marketing also depends greatly on how often you update your content. Value and consistency is key to being successful in your content marketing efforts.

Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.

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