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Hello CRM Community Guru's!!

I have recently patent applied a CRM concept we have developed over several months that we now want to take to market. The Retail Technology Trade show in Sydney last week proved to us that no-one is doing anything like it. It is simple, very effective, very customer centric, exciting for the customer and retailer and has wide range of features and benefits, that the early adopters especially will LOVE. It could potentially be used by various retail stores on every high street.

Of course everybody wants to know what it is. But of course we need to work with the right people, to maximise our potential.

We have built a basic prototype 'front-door' to the concept, but if it is to be developed properly, will need some very good developers who can bring the whole vision to life, and ensure it integrates to existing systems used by our target market.

So who can we trust, if we percieve that ALL these big technology companies would want it..? What is the right way for us to maximise this opportunity..? Do we take it to an NCR or Oracle - as a concept - and how do we put a value on a concept..? Do we take it to a small, determined Software company in the industry, who can, for a share, quietly develop it with us, so we have a fully functioning system to take to market ourselves..? Or do we get some investment, employ some great developers, keep it ourselves and get out there and sell it to our target market..?

We believe that these days the first few months with something like this are critical to your success. Being that the world is turning into a freemarket - where everything is copied within months of its introduction (we heard this from everyone at the trade show) - our potential is minimised if we can't quickly infiltrate the international potential for this idea.

I thank you very much for any thoughts, ideas, or comments you may have. You can email me personally on [email protected] if you prefer.


James Duncan


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