ATA takes flight with Teradata

ATA Airline, the US’s 10th largest airline and leading passenger carrier, is implementing data warehouse, CRM and revenue management solutions from Teradata.

ATA had maintained 45 different data sources covering every activity from customer service to fleet maintenance. All of these data sources are now being managed from one place, resulting in improvements in the 'take rate' or the acceptance of marketing programs offered to passengers and other benefits.

"Our analysts and managers now have a single view of our data, whether they are working to optimise profit on a certain route or improve the way we engage our customers. Our revenue management and CRM experts draw from the same data, allowing the company as a whole to operate more efficiently and effectively" said Glen Baker, vice president of information services at ATA.

ATA is operating a three-node Teradata data warehouse, Teradata CRM 5.0 and Teradata Revenue Management Intelligence to enhance the company’s ability to analyse the profitability of its passengers and optimize customer service.

David Wing, CFO of ATA, added, "As an honestly different airline focused on value, it is critical that we use the data we collect to both minimize costs and optimise revenues while maintaining a positive relationship with our customers. We can only accomplish this with accurate and timely data".

Baker and Wing said other benefits the airline expects to see include the ability to identify significant customer events and rapidly deploy communications, improved revenue management performance measurement and more precise data inputs resulting in improved forecast accuracy.

Now celebrating its 31st year of operation, ATA has the youngest, most fuel-efficient fleet among the major carriers, featuring the new Boeing 737-800 and 757-300 aircraft. The airline operates significant scheduled service from Chicago-Midway, Hawaii, Indianapolis, New York and San Francisco to over 40 business and vacation destinations.

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