Australian Air Safety turns to Siebel

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority has embarked on a multimillion-dollar systems overhaul as its AUS $34 million improvement program gathers steam with rich pickings for Siebel.

CASA has been working with Accenture for the past 12 months to make the necessary process and system changes with Siebel, Documentum and Business Objects lineed up for software roll-outs as pasrt of the makeover.

At the federal level, the Australian Taxation Office has issued several new tenders involving CRM software.

CASA said the new system was expected to have a direct impact on the regulators' ability to improve air safety. "If we can get better IT systems running all the relationship with customers -pilots, air operators and so on - that'll free up human resources for the actual safety side of the operation," said a CASA spokesman.

The system will also improve the ability to compile air safety reports for the government. The current system takes up to a week to produce statistics relevant to analysing air safety issues.

CASA administers licenses for 100,000 pilots, engineers and air traffic controllers, registrations for 10,000 aircraft and certificates for around 1,000 airline operators and maintenance companies.


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