Call centres: a danger to your health?

Now I know I'm not always the most tolerant of individuals when it comes to call centre workers, but I strongly advocate reading the article about the threat of acoustic shock in call centres.

In a Health & Safety Executive & RNID study of 15 Call Centres, telephone operatives were tested for the symptoms of Acoustic Shock. 30 per cent were showed to suffer from Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and 39 per cent 'believed their hearing had been damaged during their employment in the call centre'.

If that doesn't wake you up, then consider this. This is a £2.5 billion annual loss to UK Plc as well as a significant health problem for call centre workers themselves. There have been over 400 UK legally represented compensation claims, resulting in pay outs of approx £2million in the UK so far, and £10million+ worldwide to date, with more cases mounting every month. UK companies have paid out nearly £2 million in compensation, with over £10 million around the world.

Now I must admit, I'd never heard of acoustic shock, but when you check out the facts and figures it's pretty damn scary. With the ever increasing growth of call centres as part of our every day life, it's becoming an ever more crucial thing for senior executives to think about as part of their customer management strategies.

Call centres are already struggling under the weight of being dubbed modern day sweat shops. They really don't need to have the added burden of now being dangerous to your health...

Stuart Lauchlan
News & Analysis Editor

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