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Cloudwords: Ensuring branding isn't lost in translation

15th Aug 2012
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Sustaining consistent global brands is a major challenge for marketers that US Cloud translation management firm Cloudwords reckons it can help them meet.

Cloudwords Glossary Management & Translation (GMT) offers new functionality that enables organiations to manage their corporate brand identity centrally within the wider Cloudwords Translation Management Platform.

To maintain a global corporate brand, marketing terminology and messaging must be consistent across an organisation’s website, collateral, product descriptions and customer education and support capabilities, regardless of the language materials are written in, noted Michael Meinhardt, CEO of Cloudwords.

“We understand two of the biggest concerns for any marketing strategy is: How do I grow my brand and how can I protect my brand?,” he said.

Glossary management is key to ensuring brand consistency across translated materials, according to Meinhardt. But maintaining a living, up-to-date glossary of approved marketing terms that must be translated in more than one language is time-consuming and potentially fraught with errors, he added.

Cloudwords GMT makes terms are easily viewed and searchable, he explains, so that when an out-of-date, or “unusable” term, is indentified by the user, Cloudwords GMT automatically extracts the term from the Glossary and delivers it to the appropriate vendor for revised translation.

Once the localisation process is complete, the glossary is automatically updated without the customer needing to upload or download anything. Keeping new marketing terminology in-sync within the translation memory database ensures future translations are always up-to-date and continue to capture the right context and tone of voice.

In addition, a company’s pre-approved translated marketing terminology is available throughout any department in the organisation so that all vendors and translators are utilising the most current translated terms.

Cloudwords is backed by Cloud and CRM market veterans, including Marc Benioff, CEO of


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