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Consumers turned off by ‘one night stand’ marketing

20th Apr 2015
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Marketers are struggling to keep customers engaged with their brands after a transaction is made, according to research from technology provider, Oxygen8.

The research states 75% of businesses will use four different channels to connect with their customers, including their brand’s website, social media, email and either app or SMS up to the point of purchase.

However, following purchase, the number of channels used drops to around two, and the issue has subsequently been dubbed as ‘one night stand’ marketing, as 78% of consumers feel brands fail to deliver a frequent and relevant stream of communication with a positive effect, post-purchase.  

The main issue for marketers is understanding how to connect their multichannel marketing together to ensure engagement remains constant after a transaction.

A survey from Econsultancy and Oracle last August found that just 7% of organisations feel they are “set up to deliver effectively orchestrated cross-channel marketing activities”.

Only 30% stated they had a cross-functional marketing team within their business, while just 19% said they currently measured the financial results of ‘integrated marketing’. 

Unsurprisingly, a large proportion of marketers cite a lack of resources as underpinning their problems in delivery. However, one of the wider issues may be that less than half (43%) believe they “understand customer journeys”, and were unsure of how to adapt their journey planning to account for multichannel customers.

Brand advocacy is affected as a result – Oxygen8’s research found that brand advocacy reduces from 25% to 13% following any purchase.

“Engaging with consumers becomes increasingly challenging over time, our research reveals that voice calls remain the number one channel that businesses communicate with their customers,” says Robert Townsend, chief marketing officer at Oxygen8.

“However, consumers preferred contact through SMS and email showing potential disconnect between these businesses and their customers. It’s essential that brands continue to evolve their multichannel mobile marketing strategy to ensure they are capitalising on mobile payment opportunities. Businesses that are failing to do this need to transform ineffective communications into compelling engagement if they want to reverse the decline of brand advocates post purchase.”


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