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Content marketing – set to get more tactical?

9th Dec 2015
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The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has released its end-of-year research, highlighting the need for marketers “to go back to basics” and hone in on their content marketing tactics in 2016.

The research found that 66% of marketers expect their organisation to increase their budget for content marketing in the coming 12 months, and 88% say they will produce more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.

However, the annual study also found that marketers feel less effective in their content marketing exploits than in previous years. 34% consider their organisations to be effective at content marketing this year, compared to 42% last year. This, the CMI says, will lead to a general need to make content market efforts more tactical.

“It’s key to understand what content is effective and what isn’t so you can create content that is more engaging. Figuring out what’s working is exactly what you should do, especially when you’re feeling less effective,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder, Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc.

“Not only do you want to determine what is working so you can double down on that, but you also want to assess your efforts to decide what not to do. Stopping less effective activities is truly essential if you want to have time to focus on what works."

The pressure on marketers to deliver more effective content campaigns is also being magnified by the rise of social selling in many organisations, and a general requirement from salespeople looking to use content as a method to deliver a message and build a rapport with customers across social networks.    

However, despite this organisational need to ramp things up in 2016, there was a general feeling amongst marketers that the use of nearly all content marketing tactics did increase at various points over the last year. The greatest increase was for illustrations/photos, which jumped from 63% last year to 75% this year.

Other points of note included:

  • That the use of nearly all social media platforms increased over last year. The greatest increase was for YouTube, which jumped from 68% last year to 81% this year.
  • That 66% of UK marketers say they expect their organisation’s content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months.
  • That the most effective UK marketers say measuring content effectiveness is their top challenge (61%)

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