CRM uptake in local authorities growing, but still slow

The number of CRM systsems being used by UK local authorities has almost doubled in the past year as the 2005 egovernment deadlines grow closer, but the uptake is still slow compared to the private sector.

The Society of IT Managment (Socitm) which represents IT directors in local government is due to reveal in its fifth annual 'Index of Application Software' survey that CRM software is now used by 54 councils compared to 30 last year. But the survey covers 314 so the installed CRM base is still less than 20 per cent of the total.

The survey also noted a shift towards packaged applications rather then traditional in-house development. "The proportion of in-house systems varies considerably between functions, suggesting that externally provided software is better in some areas than in others," said Brian Westcott, editor of the Socitm report. "With a mature market for local government software these days, we believe that most replacement systems will, in the future, be bought in"

The UK government launched its CRM National Project last month to encourage local authorities to implement CRM software.

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