Dublin Chamber of Commerce reports 100 per cent ROI from Siebel


The Dublin Chamber of Commerce says it seen complete return on investment on its Siebel call centre CRM system over a two year period.

The CoC is using Siebel Call Centre to create a single view of its members across multiple channels. IT reckons it reduced its membership subscription attrition rate by one-third over 12 months. As a result, it said, it has increased its annual revenues by almost £70,000.

The software is used to consolidate all member information, business opportunities in the region, training programmes, and the events organised by the chamber. The Siebel system replaced multiple separate systems covering members' details, financial accounts, training, and events management. Previously, the chamber had little history of any interaction with members, and it was difficult to correlate which events members had previously attended.

"Siebel Call Centre provides the Chamber with a live record of the day-to-day interaction with members," said Gina Quin, Chief Executive, The Dublin Chamber of Commerce. "It consolidates all the information we have about our members, business opportunities in the region, our training programs and the events we organise. This unified view allows us to offer members significant opportunities to promote their businesses and network with other members. It also allows us to target members more effectively and retain their business."

The system is also enabling the CoC to anticipate events that members may be interested in attending in the future. The Chamber is using this intuitive customer interaction to plan and execute events. The system can target groups of customers it perceives would be most interested in attending, then coordinate invitations and manage replies. It even manages seating plans - making sure the seating is configured to maximize networking opportunities.

The COC also reckons the Siebel system is reducing the annual rate of membership subscription attrition. Since the introduction of Siebel Call Center two years ago, the rate of annual membership attrition has fallen by one-third. By holding on to more members, the Chamber has also increased its annual revenues by EUR 100,000 and received a total return on its investment.


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