EEF shakes off CRM disillusionment with Accpac

After initially experiencing CRM problems, the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF)South has implemented ACCPAC CRM and produced £100,000 per year of increased contribution from members.

EEF South, part of the Engineering Employers' Federation, provides advice and consultancy to over 800 manufacturing companies in London and the South East.

Implementation of a national CRM initiative by the EEF's central body became unacceptably extended after hitting prolems. Aa s result EEF South opted to press ahead with its own CRM solution to support its current rapid growth rate.

"Our organization's previous experience of CRM had been fairly negative," said John Starbuck, Director of Administration and Finance at EEF South. "The toolkit solutions that we'd used in the past had proved to be drawn out, and the projects were never completed because the goal posts kept moving."

The ACCPAC CRM software is being rolled out in three phases with the first being the consolidation of EEF South's disparate databases. Immediate benefits include the elimination of duplications and the ability to provide all
consultants with a real-time, single profile of EEF South's members.

Having completed Phase 1, the next stage is for EEF South to use ACCPAC CRM to significantly improve internal processes to develop the most value for its members. The software will be used to analyse members' use of EEF services, streamline EEF South's event management operation, analyse use of consultants' time, and improve processes such as logging and tracking of projects.

"It is not unusual to come up against hesitancy from
staff and Boards of companies who have become disillusioned with CRM because of previously failed projects," said Ivan MacDonald, ACCPAC Senior Vice President, Worldwide CRM Operations and GM, ACCPAC Europe.

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