Email marketing bigger priority than social media for online marketers

29th May 2012

Over half of online marketers admitted improving their email marketing campaigns is a bigger priority than building their social media communities.

That’s according to new research from Emailvision, which surveyed 560 marketers and found 58% claimed better email personalisation was their biggest priority for 2012. ‘Increasing the numbers of subscribers’ followed closely as their second priority, followed by ‘increasing the number of email campaigns carried out.’

Increasing social media communities only ranked fourth, with just 22% saying that was their primary focus for 2012, said the report.

Additionally, over 60% of respondents said a high click-through rate represents a successful email campaign, with a further 20% being happy with a high open rate.

 According to the report, online marketers reported increasing the number of email subscribers as the biggest challenge.

A recent whitepaper from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)produced another challenge to consider – warning marketers that failing to understand Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) new spam-blocking filters may result in serious risk of failing to deliver emails to consumers’ inboxes.

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By David Evans
29th May 2012 17:09

I'd be interested to know 'how' online marketers are planning to improve their email marketing campaigns. Is it the tech side, or the content? It's an interesting topic for us, we wrote an article on it not long ago: 

Would be interested in getting some thoughts on this.

Dave Evans

accessplanit: Learning Management System specialists 

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By User deleted
18th Jun 2012 10:26

I have seen many businesses abandon or neglect email for Facebook-instead communication strategies. This seems to be to be a de-evolution. Yes, Facebook as aggregated lots of folks, but their messaging systems, in their micro-universe, is no substitute for a proper web strategy. AOL was once seen as its own thing, sort of like Facebook is today. Advertisers had AOL-only strategies. That’s a mistake. Online payday lending companies should have their own websites, they should focus resources there. Then they should have their own email strategy (even if they call it “lead nurturing”). Then… post copies of those message to Facebook, etc.

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