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Email marketing messages double as firms seek cost-effective solution

22nd Feb 2011
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Brands doubled the volume of email marketing messages that they sent out last year because the channel proved itself to be cost-effective and versatile in the face of difficult economic circumstances.

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Benchmarking Report, UK marketers sent more than 1.7 billion emails in the first half of 2010, a 50% rise over the same period the previous year.

Dela Quist, a member of the DMA’s Email Marketing Council, said: "Businesses turn to email in adverse economic conditions because it is very versatile from a tactical perspective and extremely cost-effective."

The study also indicated that, despite the increase in email volumes, average Open Rates held up year-on-year at about 24% for customer retention messages and 11% for acquisition-related ones. Acquisition email programmes represented about one third of the total volume of messages sent.

"What we are seeing is evidence that email marketers have become better at targeting their promotions and that their customers are getting used to receiving email from brands they trust, which is great news," Quist said.

The report likewise pointed to a huge increase in the amount of social media integration being undertaken. A third of respondents included ‘share your network’ links in their messages last year to enable email recipients to forward content or promotional offers onto their Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Finally, there was evidence of some challenging trends starting to appear. These included the emergence of the so-called ‘intelligent inbox’, which enables consumers to pre-sort their emails and prioritise messages from contacts and favoured brands. The fragmentation of digital communications was also seen to present marketers with both big opportunities and big challenges at the same time.

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By wrapmail
22nd Feb 2011 02:40

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By duncan.wood
25th Feb 2011 11:52

I totally agree with the final point that people and their inboxes are getting more and more intelligent with regards to e-mail traffic especially that of marketing traffic.

The challenge for effective customer communication via e-mail is getting past the 1st D of the 4 Ds of email mgnt (1. Delete it, 2. Do it, 3. Delegate it, 4. Defer it) :-)

I believe that CRM plays a key role in that.. read more on my blog...

"CRM + E-marketing = Targeted Results... "

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