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FPDSavills Upgrades to Pivotal 5

12th May 2004
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Pivotal Corporation has announced that FPDSavills, a global provider of personalized property services, has rolled out Pivotal 5 to more than 1000 users across Europe. FPDSavills has realized a 100 percent end-user acceptance rate with this new product set. Having achieved success with the use of Pivotal in Europe, the company is now entering a new phase aimed at centralizing its core business systems to include the Asia Pacific regions.

Founded in 1855, FPDSavills is one of the leading international property consultant and real estate firms in the world. With many property services markets experiencing considerable growth, the company recognized that the distinguishing factor in capitalizing on this growth was efficient, highly personalized customer service. To address this opportunity, FPDSavills required a flexible, easy to use CRM product that could be deployed rapidly. After an extensive evaluation of CRM products including Siebel, the company selected Pivotal in the late 1990s. Shortly after the launch of Pivotal 5, FPD made the decision to upgrade.

“Pivotal 5 is the metaphorical dashboard and engine of our business,” said Richard Coleman, Group IT Director, Savills plc. “With Pivotal as a single system we are managing the complete process of selling properties from marketing a property to invoicing vendors. As a result, we are in a far stronger position to drive our business forward into the next phase of growth. Pivotal 5 has taken FPDSavills from Victorian to Virtual.”

User adoption is a critical factor in the success of any CRM initiative. To accomplish a strong user acceptance rate, FPDSavills has made user training an integral element of the deployment planning process throughout its long-term Pivotal CRM initiative. Pivotal’s intuitive, user-friendly products combined with FPDSavills proactive employee training program has resulted in a 100 percent acceptance rate - increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover of critical employees. This synergy of people and technology has allowed the company to shorten sales cycles, improve closure rates, increase client acquisitions and develop up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

According to Bo Manning, president and CEO, Pivotal, “FPDSavills is further differentiating itself as a property services company that delivers on the promise of highly personalized service to both its residential and commercial clients around the world. By using the latest CRM technologies to innovate its customer facing process, FPDSavills is demonstrating that it is committed to delivering the highest standard of service and results to its clients.”

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