FrontRange Partners with Peramon to bring mobility to GoldMine

Reading, UK – 16th September 2003 – Peramon, a world leader in mobile software for Sales and Field Service applications, today announced a strategic partnership with FrontRange Solutions Ltd., to extend the reach of its widely respected GoldMine Business Contact Manager, Corporate Edition, into the mobile arena.

The agreement represents a significant move by FrontRange Solutions into the growing area of enterprise data mobilisation with Peramon as a key technology partner and expert in the mobile environment. mGoldmine will use Peramon's innovative theMOBILIZER mobile middleware to provide mobile access from any device over any network to FrontRange Solution’s Goldmine Contact Manager application.

“As a result,” says EMEA product marketing manager for FrontRange, Alastair Trower, “for the first time, salespeople, engineers and other high-value mobile employees now have immediate access to vital information about their customers and prospects plus scheduled and completed activities. And, by removing the time-consuming need to synchronise with the office at the end of the day, staff are more productive, the work/life balance is improved and senior management are able to respond immediately to the ‘live picture’ of what is happening in the field.”

"In today’s increasingly tough and fast-moving competitive environment, being in the right place at the right time is no longer enough,” says Trower. “For remote staff and management alike, the ability of mGoldMine to put accurate, up-to-the-minute information in the palm of your hand is key to responsive, quality decision-making. In short, it puts you in control.”

For his part, David Townsend, managing director, Peramon Technology, says: “As a business, our objective is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of mobile sales and service staff by mobilising existing applications on existing devices. I have no doubt that, in mGoldMine, we have taken a major step forward in helping businesses improve their competitiveness on the basis of truly informed decision-making.”

“With the adoption of robust, cutting-edge software developed by leading mobile solutions provider, Peramon Technology,” confirms Trower, “the launch of mGoldMine is perfectly timed to extend contact information to all staff, wherever they are.”

Mobile technology underpinned front-office applications such as PIM and email for some time, but reaching further into the enterprise and accessing CRM information is something that has only been achievable at a premium on a proprietary basis. Through continual development in the mobile environment, Peramon has tackled the issues of cost and device independence head on with its widely respected experience in mobile information access. The partnership with FrontRange is a solid endorsement of the fact that the hurdles of businesses mobilising enterprise data have been overcome.

About Peramon

Founded in 1999, Peramon is a world leader in developing software for the mobile data environment. By creating innovative data access applications, Peramon is able to increase employee productivity and expand the potential of mobile data usage from any device across any network. From Personal Information Management (PIM) to CRM, Sales and Field Force Automation applications, Peramon connects the individual to every level of the organisation from any location.

Over 6 million people use Peramon’s world-class software applications worldwide through services provided by blue chip organisations such as Motorola, Starhub, Freeserve, Telecom NZ, Cisco and BSkyB. For the development and distribution of mobile software, Peramon has also formed key relationships with major industry participants such as Motorola, Vodafone, Nokia, IBM, HP, O2 and T-Mobile.
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