Graham Whitehead

Graham WhiteheadGraham Whitehead is a Principal Consultant with BTexact, where he has worked since his university sponsorship by the then GPO. He has worked in a wide range of disciplines such as customer service provision, initial research and production of optical fibre systems, hydrospace engineering and opto-electronics design and manufacture. During the 1980s he was production manager for all the optical receivers used in the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific submarine systems. He is a frequent speaker at major conferences around the world and has been involved in workshops looking at the possibly damaging effects that new technologies might have on unsuspecting companies. He has been featured in the Financial Times, the Times Education Supplement Business Week, and Computer Weekly. He has featured widely in Radio and Television programmes in the UK and worldwide and has made a series of videos.

Graham is well placed to advise
• Senior executives in innovative corporations looking at how the future of communications and IT will affect their working and trading environments

• How organisations can better address their customers
• e-business strategy
• How customer’s demands in the future will change business as we know it.

Providing you with
• An insight to how things, systems and people will connect and react in the future , and
• A pragmatic, and frequently humorous, view of how things might go wrong.


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