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1st Sep 2004

I have run my own lead generation business operating in the UK IT industry for the last 11 years and have a wealth of exec contact and systems installed base information (particularly ERP, SCM, APS, etc.) and covers thousands of Tier 1 and SME orgs throughout all manufacturing and distribution sectors.

This data is very strong amongst the Tier 1 ERP client place (SAP, ORACLE, JD Edwards, etc) and I know can be of great benefit to other orgs wishing to promote and sell new technology into corporates that are used to big-ticket purchases.

The data includes Technical Architects and related job titles in the UK Banking and Finance sectors also.

I wish to market electronically but don't have knowledge on how to do so, who to go to, etc. Help!
Craig de Prez

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By hittjw
11th Sep 2004 08:18


If you have the full ownership of this data here are some ways to market it at profit -- I've done this for my own business too.

Before you do anything, determine who would most benefit from this information. After you do that, then determine who will be willing to pay for it.

Create informational reports ...

A report that provides an overview of data findings over the 11 year period could be beneficial to that audience. It may identify trends in platform purchases, perhaps identify standing challenges.

You may want to create detailed research reports on individual industries for new technology companies to help them understand the desires of specific decision makers.

Lease as sales leads ...

Use for statistical measures ...

Package for product improvement ...

Sell useful solutions to lists ...

There are probably a thousand other ways to package this information -- but like anything else, it's important to have a willing buyer interested in what you're offering before you start.

If you would like to talk about other options then contact me directly. I'd be interested in hearing more about where the data came from and might be able to connect you with buyers, but would need details to know for sure.

Best regards,

Justin Hitt
Consultant, Author & Speaker

Ps. What ever you do, note how you keep it up to date. You could have a billion records, but if it's out of date it's useless.

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