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Harold RussellHarold Russell is Director of Blueprinting Excellence, a consultancy specialising in helping organisations get to the heart of what makes for exceptional performance in individuals, teams and their organisation as a whole. His many years of experience at the sharp end of change enable him to offer practical guidance to management teams on all those people, leadership, management and culture issues that affect the way organisations think, change and operate.

His know-how and experience come from many years in the financial services sector in the UK and overseas, where he has had first hand involvement in organisational mergers, take-overs, closures and business start-ups. This has enabled him to look closely at how organisations think about and work with their people, and the effect this has on the results they create for themselves. He has specialised in international HR management, change management consultancy, and training consultancy. He now runs Blueprinting Excellence, an organisation development consultancy, dedicated to helping clients improve performance in ways that exceed expectations.

He is well placed to help senior management, and organisations in general, on how to:

  • accelerate improvements in performance (using his company’s unique 30/30™ Organisational Effectiveness Blueprint)
  • replicate the strategies, mindsets and skills of exceptional performance
  • bring about change that produces lasting results
  • work more effectively within themselves, breaking down unhelpful silos, internal competition and cultural barriers
  • align the culture and people’s enthusiasm with the organisation’s objectives
  • improve the return on their investment in leadership and management development

He is a certified executive coach, and can help senior management clients:

  • be even more successful
  • address specific challenges they are facing, or simply –

He is an Investors in People UK Ambassador, and can guide senior management on how to:

  • make strategic investments in people development which lead to enhanced business results.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Overall this gives client organisations the benefit of:

  • practical solutions to achieving exceptional performance improvements in individuals, teams, or the organisation as a whole, that exceed expectations.

For further information visit:

Blueprinting Excellence Ltd – www.bpxl.com

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