How to use content curation tools to boost engagement on social media


Social media helps you establish a good relationship with your audience and build trust in your offerings. Engagement is a key indicator of the effectiveness of your social media strategy. But, keeping your followers engaged demands a lot of time and resources on your part.

Content curation tools can make it easier for you to engage with your followers on social media. These tools use advanced algorithms to scour the web for information on a particular topic. Some of them also make use of keyword searches to identify the most relevant content. Here's how you can use curated content for better engagement on social media:

  • Share interesting articles: If you find a piece of news or an article that you think your audience will enjoy reading, share it with them. Along with individual pieces of news, you can also do a round-up of industry news every week and share it on your social media accounts. This way, you are providing useful information to your followers and also establishing yourself as a dependable source of information.
  • Share your opinions: In addition to sharing articles, you can also share your thoughts on the content of the article. You can ask your followers to share their opinions or leave comments on your post. This will help you to start a conversation with them.
  • Involve influencers: Curation tools can also be used to identify interesting content from specific websites or blogs. You can use this feature to share information published by influencers relevant to your niche. Do tag/mention the influencer in your post. Doing this will help you reach out to influencers and you can establish a good relationship with them. Interacting with influencers on social media also helps boost your standing.
  • Schedule posts: Curation tools come with features that allow you to post the content that you like immediately or schedule the content to be posted at a particular time. You can make use of this feature to schedule posts for the right time, i.e. when your followers are likely to be most active.
  • Curate videos: Including visual content in your posts increases their likelihood of being shared. You can use curation tools like Waywire to curate video content. Such tools also offer analytics to help you understand which video performed better in terms of engagement.

However, using curation tools to their full potential requires you to put in some effort. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of these tools.

  • Understand your audience: Researching your target audience will make it easier for you to figure out what kind of content they are looking for. Are they primarily interested in videos? Are they interested in the industry that you are part of or are they just interested in your particular niche? When are they most active and on which platforms? Collecting such data will help you understand when to post, which platform to use, and what type of content you should curate.
  • Identify the right keywords: Tools that provide the option of including keywords when searching for content are very useful in helping you find relevant articles. In case of these tools, you have to learn to use the keyword feature correctly. DrumUp, for instance, requires you to enter keywords and gives you the option to enter “negative keywords” as well. It also has a guide to help you make the right keyword choices. Depending on what you are looking for, you may have to use a mixture of broad and narrow search terms.
  • Explore all features of the tool: To use a tool to its full potential, you will have to understand all its features. For instance, Feedly allows you to specifically search for posts containing audio or video. Another tool, Followerwonk, helps you search for specific terms within a person's Twitter bio. For example, if you'd like to connect with influential social media managers, you can use the tool to search through Twitter Bios and identify the people who fit you're requirement. Irrespective of which tool you use, exploring all its features can give you better results.
  • Identify powerful influencers: If you have to share influencers' posts, you have to first identify them. Not all influencers have the same impact on everybody. Make a list of the influencers who are likely to be more relateable to your target audience. This also ties in with understanding your audience.

Original content is important, but developing it takes up a lot of your time and resources. Content curation tools can save you a lot of time and effort, which you can direct towards content creation. This ensures, that you're social media pages stay active, while you also strike the right balance between curated content and original content.

Jessica Davis has a keen interest in social media and content marketing, and writes extensively about it. She represents Godot Media, a leading content marketing firm that also offers ebook writing services.

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