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Kred introduces social influence CRM app for

5th Sep 2012
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Influencer marketing tool Kred has partnered with Cadalys to launch “the world’s first social media influence app” for

Built on, Kred for CRM enables organisations to identify the most powerful active influencers of their brand by monitoring hashtags, retweets, mentions and followers. The application also enables firms to find those most willing and able to promote the company and any of its products.

Once influencers are pinpointed, organisations can add leads, contacts, accounts and cases directly into their CRM database. The app for also enables organisations to prioritise service requests and responses to people based on social media influence.

Scott Milener, SVP of social strategy at PeopleBrowsr (creators of Kred), explained that organisations can use the solution to see who their customer service team should reach out to first, for instance during a crisis situation or at some unexpected event.

He told “Ebay uses Kred data and they already have customer service successes where they’ve sorted incoming posts by Kred score and see important ones which they pass onto marketing or customer service or regional, for instance. They get thousands of mentions every day from people talking and their user experience, and they can't simply process it all without sorting them by Kred score first.”

Porter Gale, formerly VP of marketing at Virgin America added that the app enables users to “[surface] more potential touch points for communicating with and influencing prospects” whilst customer experience expert Shep Hyken said it “is perfect for organizations that want to offer a greater level of service to influencers who can make or break a brand’s image on social networks.” 

Kred for CRM is available on's AppExchange.

When asked if Kred for CRM is likely to be rolled out to other providers, Milener admitted: “Yes, we would like to build for other providers such as SAP but there’s nothing announced. Our focus right now is on Salesforce.”

Last month Kred moved the social influence conversation away from scores with the launch of Kred Story, a visual stream of social activity that lets users drill down on content. 


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