Latest Windows update "breaks" Microsoft CRM

Microsoft’s latest service pack update for Windows XP 'breaks' Microsoft CRM’s latest version, according to the company’s own warnings.

The company wants customers to download and install its security update release, XP Service Pack 2., but admits that this will cripple some applications, including Microsoft CRM.

In an E-mail sent Tuesday, Microsoft told partners that SP2 "breaks" Microsoft CRM 1.2 and won't work at all with Microsoft CRM 1.0. It advises partners to first update MS-CRM 1.0 customers to the 1.2 release and then update both the Outlook client and the CRM Sales server.

Microsoft warned "Installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 will prevent Microsoft CRM versions 1.0 and 1.2 from running correctly. Microsoft CRM version 1.0 is not supported on Windows XP SP2. Microsoft CRM version 1.2 requires updates to both the Microsoft CRM server and Microsoft CRM Sales for Outlook (Outlook client) computers and several manual configuration workarounds to operate correctly".

The company had previously warned solution providers and customers that SP2, with its foundational security fixes, would require changes to some applications, especially older ones developed using Visual Basic. But the problems with MS-CRM 1.2 are particularly embarassing as the software was only released this year.


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