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Manchester United voted the most hated company in the UK

30th Mar 2011
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Manchester United has topped the poll as the most hated company in the UK, beating RyanAir and British Gas to the top slot.

The survey conducted by Online Opinions for The People also revealed that three out of five of the 1,000 UK adults questioned loathed the big banks because of their high bonus culture. A further 54% disliked petrol companies for constantly pushing up prices, while 51% were unhappy with utility firms for the same reason.

A spokesman for Online Opinions told the Daily Mail: "It is not surprising that so many big companies are hated by so many people when you consider the ways in which they make themselves unpopular. Manchester United is possibly a victim of its own success and the way it is viewed by passionate fans of rivals, but it is different for the banks and utilities."

Banks were rescued by billions of pounds of public money and then splashed out millions in bonuses while the rest of the country was in recession, while high profit-yielding utilities firms kept on raising household bills at a time when people could least afford it, he added.

Manchester United, meanwhile, pulled in 26% of the ‘most hated’ company vote, followed by Ryanair at 23% and British Gas at 22%. McDonalds was next at 19%, followed by RBS at 17% and Lloyds Bank at 16%.


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