Marc Benioff launches book - 'Compassionate Capitalism'

Marc Benioff, CEO and founder of is launching his book, 'Compassionate Capitalism' in Davos on Thursday.

Benioff wrote Compassionate Capitalism in conjunction with author and business journalist Karen Southwick to advocate a pioneering new model of integrated corporate philanthropy.

With a foreword by Alan Hassenfeld, the book looks at how corporations can make doing good an integral part of doing well, and illustrates the best practices from such companies as Hasbro, Cisco, Timberland Microsoft and PG&E. Inspired by the philanthropic work of these companies and the philosophy Benioff himself has embedded at and the, the book shares the importance and remarkable success of the integrated philanthropy model.

Compassionate Capitalism examines the best practices of this model and teaches small and large companies how they can use their resources to help the communities in which they exist and, in doing so, help themselves and their employees.

"The company that makes 'doing good' a core piece of its management philosophy empowers its employees, engages its customers and strengthens its community," said Robert K. Goodwin, President and CEO, Points of Light Foundation. "In ten years, I expect that integrated philanthropy will be the norm, rather than the exception."

Compassionate Capitalism proposes that business and community needs are actually closely aligned and encourages companies to make serving the community a central focus. The notion of philanthropy as separate from a corporation’s regular operations is finished. The new model says that philanthropy must be woven into every thread of corporate existence so that it becomes a part of the cultural fabric of the corporation itself.

Marc Benioff"Every year, corporate philanthropic foundations pour $30 billion into their endeavors in the US alone," said Benioff. "Many of these efforts occur in isolation with little or no relationship to the communities in which they operate, the people they employ, or their corporate missions. Compassionate Capitalism calls for a new model - one that closely aligns business and community goals and focuses on serving the communities in which a business operates."

For more information on the results of the integrated philanthropy model or to order a copy of Compassionate Capitalism, please visit or The book is also available from Amazon.

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