Mortgage firm acts on CRM with Sage

Homestead Mortgage, a Seattle-based mortgage banking firm, has streamlined its marketing processes and increased sales team efficiency using ACT! by Sage.

After evaluating several alternative solutions, Homestead Mortgage implemented a customised version of ACT! to manage its customer data and marketing campaigns. Thirty-three sales associates use ACT! to build and manage their prospect pipelines and to help cultivate positive relationships with prospects and customers. Each ACT! customer field is designed to help agents efficiently manage leads and prioritise daily activities in order to close the maximum amount of loans while maintaining high customer satisfaction rates.

ACT! Is being used to track critical loan data – such as lock expiration dates, loan amounts, rates and rebates – for Homestead’s three branch locations. All data is stored in a centralized ACT! database for real-time access. The company’s loan originating system is also integrated with ACT! to provide associates better insight into each customer’s transaction history.

"The mortgage banking business is very process driven and our associates are consistently interacting with customers at all stages of the sales pipeline. We needed a system that would map to our business needs without forcing us to change our current sales strategies and respective processes," said Grant Eckstrom, IT Director/CIO, Homestead Mortgage. "With ACT!, all of our sales associates have instant access to customer data, allowing them to cater to each customer’s unique needs and ultimately close more loans."

Homestead manages targeted marketing activities based on each stage of the sales process and by specific loan characteristics. An associate can target all prospects who have inquired about purchasing a second mortgage and pro-actively distribute marketing materials about fixed and variable rate second mortgages, or information on how to take out a home equity line of credit.

The target marketing efforts managed through ACT! have helped Homestead increase its prospect-to-customer conversion rate.Since implementing the solution in August 2005, Homestead Mortgage says that it has closed an additional 2 loans each month per loan officer.


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31st May 2013 12:54

Homestead Mortgage proposed some alternatives to operate its data base on clients and marketing campaigns.  Thirty three sale assistants try to manage their pipelines and help to grow up the positive relations with prospects and clients. Each consumer area is controlled by agents. They consult, conduct and arrange customers effectively that consumers begin to close their loans as soon as possible. Previously homeowners faced the problem of mortgages with high interest rates while buying a property. It led to a great amount of unpaid loans like with online monetary assistance and negative reviews from community. 

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