NetSuite named as 'Next Big Thing'

NetSuite has been selected as one of the five 'The Next Big Thing' companies at investment firm Sand Hill Group’s Enterprise 2006 conference.

We are honored to be selected as a 'Next Big Thing' company," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "This recognition is a testament to what NetSuite has achieved. As a Software as a Service company, NetSuite has impacted the software industry by delivering the only on-demand suites to small and midsize businesses. While Web 2.0 is hot, I think the next big thing will be SaaS 3.0 led by NetSuite."

The Sand Hill Group's annual Enterprise Conference brings together CEOs and leaders from diverse segments of the enterprise software industry to candidly share ideas and opinions, and debate strategic issues of common interest. The conference draws 200 of the "who is who" in the Enterprise and technology markets.

"I have tracked NetSuite for several years and have seen the growth and industry leadership of the company," said M.R. Rangaswami, co-founder of the Sand Hill Group. "Based on what I have seen, I bet on NetSuite to be the Next Big Thing company in the on-demand software industry."


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By Anonymous
06th Oct 2006 09:18

I signed up as a NetSuite customer about this time last year. What a mistake.

For a small business like mine, NetSuite was quite expensive, about £175 per user per month. But it managed almost all our business data and seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Outlook integration is dreadful, and when it stopped working, I called support.

UK Silver Support customers have to pay NetSuite for support - it's not included in the subscription. But I still had to call a US number, paying international phone rates while waiting for a support analyst to answer my call (sometimes that took 45 minutes).

When version 11 was released, there were so many problems that NetSuite support stopped responding to any support issues not related to the updgrade. So it was six months before I got a response to my Outlook problem.

I sent a notice to NetSuite Billing on 5th June notifying them that I was not going to renew my subscription (due to expire on 25th Oct). I copied my acocunt manager and Zach Nelson, outlining my dissatisfaction. No response from anyone at NetSuite.

On 5th Sept I notified Billing again, that I intended to cancel my subscription and would not be renewing beyond 25th Oct.

In direct response to my second notice to quit, Billing renewed my subscription - in complete disregard to my request! They also immediately hit my company credit card for the first three months of next year's subscription.

Well, four weeks later and I eventually managed to get the unauthorised credit card debit refunded. It took dozens of phone calls and emails. NetSuite Billing did not respond to any phone calls or emails. Neither did Zach Nelson (CEO), Jim McGeever (CFO) or Evan Goldberg (Founder). Only one person at NetSuite UK seemed to care (thanks Sian).

If NetSuite is the future, then CRM is doomed.

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