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New look MyCustomer, same commitment to customer experience


With CX evolving at a rapid pace, MyCustomer is making some changes to ensure it remains the leading provider of advice and resources for customer experience and service professionals around the globe.   

20th May 2021
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As part of MyCustomer’s ongoing commitment to serving customer experience and customer service professionals with the latest and most relevant news, advice and resources from the world of CX, we’ve decided the time was right to make some changes.  

Having existed online since the mid-2000s, MyCustomer has witnessed and reported on the rise of CX from its very inception as a strategy born from CRM and other customer-related approaches to what it is now – the number one differentiator for many businesses around the globe.

With this in mind, we strive to continue being at the forefront of customer experience – equipping professionals and the organisations they work for with the best and most relevant content, tools and resources – whether they’re at the start of their CX journey or have reached the very top.

CX leader programme

A core part of our ongoing strategy is to ensure the human element of CX is being recognised.

With our CX Leader of the Year award now in its third year, and via our recently-launched annual CX Leader Sessions, we will be increasingly shining a spotlight on the people who are at the heart of customer experience innovation – illuminating the stories, the achievements and best practices of those working in real CX roles in real businesses.

We’ll also be bringing our audience more in-depth, relevant research, more advice from the brightest and best thought-leaders, and more clarity about what CX success looks like, as businesses and customers change and evolve.


CX Leader Sessions

A lick of paint

To coincide with the development of our new offerings and the expansion of previous ones, MyCustomer is also freshening up its look. A new logo, new colour scheme and a general lick of paint to bring some consistency to our brand, our theme and the resources we provide.  


Part of the imperative of developing our brand from its current guise is rooted in the need to bring the human component of the customer experience profession to the fore – as previously mentioned – whilst remaining committed to covering the strategy and technology requirements too.

In recent years, MyCustomer has taken pride in its use of esoteric and retro-themed artwork to lift itself from the use of stock photography and icons that had become too frequently used on our site in years previous.


Our new branding vows to continue leaning on these striking and fun retro themes, whilst also bringing some core elements of customer experience to the fore. MyCustomer designers Kai Nodland and Alex Kelly worked on the rebranding exercise from its inception. As Kai explains:

“We want MyCustomer to reflect the customer experience profession. That means being bold, being innovative, acknowledging the fact that CX is a fusion of art and science, and ultimately representing and promoting the people who are shaping the future of CX who often go unnoticed.

"There's no doubt that this refresh, along with the CX Leader programme, represents the early stages of what we expect will be more exciting updates and developments from MyCustomer, as we continue to enhance what we offer in terms of benefits to the customer experience community."





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