Oracle backs away from Sun commitments

There's commitment, then there's Oracle's commitment to Sun's NetBeans open-source tools initiative.

A couple of weeks ago, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison sat on stage alongside his counterpart at Sun Scott McNealy to acknowledge the importance of NetBeans as part of a wider reaffirming of the partnership between the two firms.

But don’t expect to see those words translated in action or product any time soon. Thomas Kurian, Oracle's senior vice president of server technologies, blew the gaffe this week during a QandA session in which he admitted that Oracle had no plans to use NetBeans.

"We have our own development tool, Oracle JDeveloper, which is available for free download," he said. "Our new version, JDeveloper 10g Release 3, has a extensive list of new features and is the single biggest release we have ever done of the product. JDeveloper has really evolved to become a comprehensive service-oriented architecture (SOA) development environment with support for orchestrating BPEL process flows, building portlets, scripting, building Web services, and developing J2EE applications.

"Because we are committed to providing developers with choice, we are also taking a leadership role within the Eclipse community. We are currently leading three different groups within the Eclipse Foundation for Java and BPEL technologies, and we are actively involved in integrating our Fusion Middleware products with Eclipse. Oracle is focused on JDeveloper and Eclipse.

We certainly think Sun's NetBeans initiative is important in the marketplace, and we're watching it very closely. But as of right now, Oracle is focused on JDeveloper and Eclipse and we have no plans to adopt either NetBeans or any of its technology. Any statements to the contrary by anyone else in the industry are not true."

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