Oracle India boss jumps ship in wake of Ellison PR debacle

Oracle India’s director for public services, Dipankar Sanyal, has unexpectedly resigned from the company weeks after an incident which embroiled CEO Larry Ellison in a PR debacle.

In a public meeting Ellison was thrown by criticisims from the commercial tax commissioner of the Madhya Pradesh government who said a core project has been grounded due to faulty implementation of the Oracle software.

Vishwapati Trivedi claimed the new tax system didn’t work and blamed the Oracle software. "You switch it on and it goes off,’’ he had told the Oracle chief. "How would you feel if this were to happen to your company?’’ he demanded of Ellison.

The normally unflabbable software billionaire was lost for words initially before claiming: “Someone must have written a software on top of the Oracle software. That’s why it isn’t working.” He also promised that the case would be looked into urgently.

Oracle insists that Sanyal’s departure coming so soon after the Ellison embarassment is simply a coincidence. "Dipankar is leaving to pursue other opportunities. His resignation has nothing to do with what happened at Larry’s keynote on July 9,” said an Oracle spokesman.

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