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Personalisation means email marketing can “only become more important”

28th Jan 2015
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Email marketing is viewed as somewhat paradoxical, at present. Figures from the DMA show email still rated as the number one digital channel by marketers, contributing to 30% of all digital revenues; yet engagement is in decline as email overload rises around the globe, and 6% never reach recipient inboxes for being marked as spam.

However, the growing importance of personalised customer communications means email marketing is slowly shaking off its reputation for spamming, and according to research from Mailjet, “email marketing will only become more important", with 76% of American marketers stating their email use will increase or stay the same in the next five years, while 82% of French and German marketers state similar.

Mailjet surveyed 300 marketers from mid-sized and large businesses from France, Germany and the United States, with each company on average sending 1.38 million emails monthly.

It found a large proportion of marketers having already turned to personalisation options for their email, with 73% of American and 70% of French marketers stating personalised email marketing as very or extremely important to their overall strategy, compared to 61% in Germany.

And 29% of German companies personalising emails by including past customer preferences, as opposed to 17% of American and 13% of French firms.  

"As marketers, our challenge is to habitually innovate how, when or what type of emails customers receive,” says Alexis Renard, CEO of Mailjet.

"Email remains the only way to send personalised messages to customers on the large scale that companies require. These survey results not only teach us how marketers must expand to new geographies, but also help us design features which address the distinctive needs that each marketing campaign may have."

On average, US businesses send more emails than their French or German counterparts, with Mailjet’s data stating that, of those surveyed, 25% of US companies send between 2m and 2.5m+ emails per month, compared with 21% of French and 15% of German.  

Despite the growing appreciation, Over 20% of French and 23% of German companies have never used A/B testing in their campaigns, compared with just 7% in the US.  

However, marketers recognise the importance of testing and personalising their content in the future in order to avoid being unsubscribed by potential and current customers or marked as spam. Eight out of ten companies, including 85% US-based businesses, said they were familiar with current spam regulations, though only 59% of companies have reviewed their country's spam laws in the past six months.

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