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Pfizer embarks on Europe-wide CRM initiative

5th Apr 2006
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Pfizer plans to consolidate customer data from multiple sources and systems into a single data warehouse as a first preparatory step towards introducing a CRM initiative spanning all of Europe and Canada (EuCan).

The pharmaceutical company intends to create a Consolidated Customer Master (CCM) for all of its client information using Siperian’s Hub XT offering, which will integrate data from functional areas in 22 separate markets.

Each customer, which includes prescribers, pharmacists, government bodies and patients, will have their own unique profile information stored in the system and this will be made available to operational applications as required in real-time.

Justin Sowers, Pfizer’s director of global business technology, said: "Ultimately, the CCM will enable the business to perform sophisticated analytics to derive actionable customer insights, while a well-designed data model and web services layer will facilitate integration with other enterprise systems and scale to all EuCan markets."

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