RightNow Serves Record Number of Online Customer Inquiries


More Than 102 Million Customers Served Online in First Quarter 2004

RightNow(r) Technologies today announced that organisations used its on demand CRM solutions to deliver more than 102 million online customer service sessions in the first quarter of 2004. To put this figure in perspective, that would provide two online service sessions for each person living in the United Kingdom and three such sessions for each person living in Canada. 102 million online service sessions represent a 93 percent jump from the same quarter in 2003, dramatically underscoring the growing popularity of web-based customer service applications among global Internet users. RightNow delivered more than 249 million customer service sessions in 2003.

RightNow continues to provide reliable and scalable hosting services with an "up-time" rate greater than 99.9 percent. Approximately 85 percent of RightNow's 1,000-plus customers have chosen the on demand version of its multi-channel customer service and support (CSS) solutions to improve customer service experience online and offline. RightNow offers its customers an on premise or on demand version of the software, with no additional cost for hosting.

An online customer service session is defined as a web site visit by an end-user to search for information on an online knowledge base, submit questions through a web form or interact with a service agent via live chat. The growing user demand for web-based customer service emphasises the need for companies to utilise the Internet medium more effectively to both provide faster, higher quality service and the opportunity for companies to reduce customer service costs by minimising more expensive human-assisted sessions.

"RightNow brings more expertise to customer service than any other on demand CRM vendor because we have more experience handling online customer service inquiries than our competition," Sean Forbes, vice president of Marketing and Business Development of RightNow, said. "RightNow has built world-class hosting facilities along with a cutting-edge Hosting Management System to allow our customers to have full control of their hosted applications through a web-based

About RightNow Technologies

RightNow Technologies is the leading on demand CRM company focused on customer service. RightNow improves the effectiveness of service and support operations with easy-to-implement technology, replicable best practices drawn from the industry's broadest base of successful implementations and engagement terms that create accountability for delivering quantifiable results.

RightNow has delivered these benefits to more than 1,000 customers worldwide such as: Air New Zealand, Ben & Jerry's, Briggs and Stratton, British Airways, Cisco, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., Electronic Arts, Pioneer, Raymarine, Remington, Sanyo, Specialized Bicycles and more than 150 public sector clients including the Social Security Administration and the State of Florida.

Founded in 1997, RightNow has offices in Bozeman, Dallas, San Mateo, New Jersey, London and Sydney, with an associated office in Tokyo. RightNow's products are available in 13 languages worldwide. For further information visit http://www.rightnow.com/.

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