Sage completes mid-market CRM portfolio with launch of Sage CRM Mid-Market edition

On Nov 1 2004 Sage announced the release of a new web-based product that completes the company’s comprehensive CRM portfolio aimed mid-market companies. Sage CRM Mid-Market Edition 5.7 was previously available in the UK as ACCPAC CRM, a company that Sage acquired in March this year. The new product name clearly reflects its position at the core of Sage’s CRM strategy.

In addition to immediate release of the boxed product, Sage is also completing its hosted version of Sage CRM MME for the UK market. This will allow clients to choose their access method and payment terms, and uniquely in the global CRM market, to switch between them as needs dictate. This is made possible by the web-based architecture throughout the Sage CRM MME product.

"With ACT! and SalesLogix we have two great CRM products at the low and high end of the SME market" explained Richard Bee, Director of CRM for the UK. "ACT! is a great tool for personal productivity and for small workgroups and has become one of the most well respected brands and a software best seller. With SalesLogix, we have a platform for building company-wide applications with deep customisation to match the specific needs of a business. Now, with Sage CRM MME we’re providing small businesses with out-of the-box, rich functionality, combined with easy deployment and use – all available through an Internet browser. It’s also simple to configure and integrate with other systems – a key requirement today for any business with limited IT resources or skills."

The product is available from the existing ACCPAC channel partners. A large number of ACT! and Saleslogix partners are also signing up to sell the product to complement their existing range of Sage products.

"We believe the market is now demanding much more choice and flexibility from their CRM resellers, and is rejecting the traditional ‘technology sell’ where the reseller seeks to impose whatever solution it happens to carry," added Richard Bee of Sage.

"We’re delighted that Sage is offering customers the freedom to choose the solution that suits them," commented Rowland Dexter, MD of Qgate, a reseller that carries both Saleslogix and Sage CRM MME. "SalesLogix is terrific for building customised solutions with deep functionality. But sometimes clients are looking for a faster deployment with more out-of-the-box functions - Sage CRM MME gives them that. Also its completely web-based architecture is a real plus for a lot of companies today. We’re really excited about the freedom of choice that Sage is delivering."

About Sage CRM MME

Sage CRM MME, formerly known as ACCPACC CRM, is an easy to use, fast to deploy and feature rich CRM solution with low cost of ownership, designed to introduce the real benefits of CRM to mid-sized companies. It aggregates individual and group efforts across sales, marketing and support teams, making people and companies more efficient at their roles. It links all departments to a single system that is deployed across an Internet architecture that inherently provides efficiencies in terms of deployment, maintenance and access. Version 5.7 features enhanced MS Outlook integration so users can continue to use their preferred email and contact tools while still benefiting from CRM productivity. It also sees the release of a point and click, rapid synchronisation for laptop users so they can take their CRM system on the road with them in a quick and easy manner.

About Sage

Sage is the leading provider of accounting and customer-centric software for small and mid-market businesses, with its SalesLogix and ACT! relationship software product lines. The company was founded in May 2001 when Interact Commerce was acquired by Sage Group plc, headquartered in Newcastle. Sage has enabled more than four million users worldwide to achieve a single view of their customer relationships and deliver world-class customer service.

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