Salescentric launches online access to its sales relationship management (SRM) software

SalesCentric, a leading provider of Sales Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, has today launched SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand, the first SRM solution to be available exclusively online, through subscription. SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand is accessible anywhere in the world, through any Internet connected PC. No software purchase is necessary.

Sales Relationship Management adds value to basic Customer Relationship Management by combining principles from several additional disciplines, including sales automation, document and content management, workflow and collaboration, and business process analytics. As a result, SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand allows the sales team to manage the entire sales process efficiently, from initial contact through to final sale, as well as seamlessly linking to management of implementation and customer service processes.

SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand has been designed to maximise the effectiveness of sales and marketing, service and customer support teams, whilst allowing companies to implement best-practice processes throughout their business. For this reason, the solution is particularly suited to companies that need effective Major Account Management that is coordinated across multiple business functions.

"SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand is unique in that it provides customer-facing teams with access to a solution that is a lot broader and more powerful than any current on-demand CRM system. They now have the opportunity to ensure all customer touch-points are working together and can execute world-class business processes. At the same time, ease of use is exemplary and no specialist skills are needed to manage the system," comments David Woodhead, CEO, SalesCentric. "All that is required is a subscription, and away you go. There is no software to purchase and implement, and no major capital investment to make."

SalesCentric On-Demand is launched in Enterprise and WorkGroup editions. In parallel SalesCentric has also announced the "QuikStart" and "WorkGroup Plus" bundles. These are "product with services" bundles that ensure customers get rapid, efficient implementation and immediate business benefit. SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand uses SSL, and is hosted in a mainframe-class data centre, so security is not an issue. Also, as there is no software to purchase and implement, and no IT support required, users can start using it and become effective immediately.

SalesCentric v3.1 On-Demand allows sellers to use simple drag-and-drop techniques to build comprehensive charts outlining the various Decision Making Units (DMUs) related to any sales opportunity, and code these according to the conventions of any sales methodology, whether a proprietary tool such as Miller Heiman(tm), Solution SellingĀ® or Target Account Selling (TAS), or an in-house developed approach.

These DMU charts will help to analyse the nature of the potential user's relationship with its customers, understand and visualise the potential customer's buying process, and provide an easy-to-view graphical representation of how each participant is likely to affect the decision to buy. The charts will even show the strength of the company's relationship with each DMU member, and the likely outcome of the sale. With this information, sales forecasting becomes more accurate, the sales process is shortened, and the cost of closing the sale is reduced. Similar techniques can also be implemented for Customer Service, Partner Management and Project Management, making sure that the quality of customer interaction is maintained across all business functions.

Users can expect to be up-and-running immediately after paying the subscription. The scaleable nature of the software supports growth from tens to thousands of users, whilst its patented technology enables easy integration to other enterprise and mid-market applications including all mainstream CRM and ERP applications.

About SalesCentric

SalesCentric offers dedicated solutions for sales teams, enabling management of the sales process, best practice implementation and increased sales team efficiency. SalesCentric has developed into one of the world's leading exponents of sales lifecycle management solutions. For more information on SalesCentric, please visit


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