SAP’s on-demand move opens market for us, say Salesforce, NetSuite

SAP's announcement that it plans to launch on-demand services aimed at smaller enterprises has been welcomed by an uncowed market, which sees the giant kicking open the door to new customers, not slamming it in their faces.

"We think it's fantastic," says Bruce Francis, vice president of corporate strategy at "We should send Henning Kagermann a fruit basket. He's just blown wide open accounts that were welded shut."

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson has also welcomed the news, describing it as SAP’s "IBM moment" in an e-mail to staff.

"Larry Ellison once told me that the best thing that happened to Oracle in the early days was IBM’s preannouncement of a relational database years before it was available," he wrote. "It gave credibility to the then-new idea of relational databases and created demand that IBM could not fulfill."


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