Sift Wins at Cricket! (Again)

The Sift team won another local derby in a gruelling match against the Mortgagees last week with a final score of 145 for 2 off 15 overs. As we draw to the close of the cricket season we wanted to celebrate another great year – England are set to win the Ashes (I hope!), our Captain’s 88 runs last night was a company record, and James, our new addition to the team, has proved to be a formidable opening batsman throughout the season.

As the proud new owners of the Customer Management Community, Sift wanted to throw down the gauntlet to the audience. Do any of you out there have a team that you think could beat us?

If you think that you can get together a team to challenge this rugged team of gentlemen then post a comment on this news story or contact Tom Cogswell on the details shown below. If we can generate enough interest Sift will host a 2006 Cricket tournament! Barbeques, beers and prizes galore!


Tom Cogswell
Account manager
0117 915 9626
[email protected]

Left to right back row: Phil Jones, Steven Priscott (Captain), Dan Catton, Tom Cogswell, Mark Wheatley, Joe Vallender
Left to right front row: Ramesh, Tom Dunkerley, Craig Neilson, Andy North, James Shadwell

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22nd Aug 2005 14:40

Perhaps BT could get a team together to take you all on?!

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