Super-fast, web applications on the way, predicts Citrix

The world is heading towards a new generation of super-fast, web-based applications that will revolutionise the software industry, according to Citrix CEO Mark Templeton.

Speaking on day one of the company's iForum conference in Edinburgh, Templeton said that the company was working to speed up applications delivered over Citrix-based networks as well as building better security through encryption into its products - with software as a service as a key enabler.

“When we return to the data centre year after year, it’s like going on an archaeological dig," he said. "We at Citrix believe the only way to break the cycle is to move to a service architecture.”

Last week Citrix announced plans to acquire application acceleration company, NetScaler, which produces technology to speed up applications by up to five times. NetScaler will carry out application load balancing, and also integrate with Citrix’s presentation server, carrying out SSL encryption processing, which traditionally ties up the processing power of Citrix servers. As a result, this will speed up Citrix-based applications, such as printing applications, email, and web applications.

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