Tips on Asking for Information or Advice

Please keep the following in mind when completing the Expert Advice.

Summarise in a few words what your request is about. If you are having difficulty writing your subject line, put down a few key words so that will let us know the general direction of your question.

Detailed Description
To ensure you get the best possible results, and most actionable advice we recommend that you keep the following in mind when requesting advice

  • Clearly define the information or advice you want. Decide up front what you want and communicate that expectation, letting us know what you do and what you don’t want.
  • Provide as much relevant detail and background information as possible. For example where relevant include background on the technology platforms and solutions currently installed, initiatives or projects completed or running, policies and strategies in place and the corporate and competitive environment. Our researchers and experts are contractually bound to keep your discussions in confidence and to honour your proprietary rights.
  • Summarise the sources tried and your own findings to date. Please include a summary of the sources you have tried (including dead ends and those that have only provided a partial answer) and any information that you may have already found. This will focus our research and ensure that we don’t rehash information you already know
  • Let us know the urgency and what you need the information or advice for. This will enable us to understand the context of the request and in so doing enable us to more accurately provide you with suitable information or advice.


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