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Top marketers planning social media spending splurge?

12th Feb 2015
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Marketing budgets are on the rise in 2015; however, with a surfeit of technology solutions spanning a number of different marketing channels, marketers are having to distribute their spending with more caution.

While Salesforce’s recent and comprehensive State of Marketing research stated that 86% of marketers were keen to focus their budgets on improving customer journeys, on a more granular level, Millward Brown and Kentico’s latest research What Do Digital Marketers Really Want in 2015 provides more of a telling insight into which areas this is likely to cover.

According to the survey, 77% of the “highest performing marketers” plan to invest significantly in social media marketing, while web analytics, personalisation and mobile-specific marketing are among the other top priorities.

Within this subset, Millward Brown reports that marketers are keen to invest in “essential” technology such as marketing automation, CRM systems and analytics. It also states that the top 15% of marketers (those defined within the research as marketers who claim their campaigns and spending were currently viewed as a success) use several software solutions significantly more than their peers; these include ecommerce software, e-mail, marketing automation solutions, social media and personalisation solutions.

Outside of 2015 budgeting, 58% of marketers planned to give high priority to the Internet of Things in the coming year, with 54% planning to prepare for a  big data deluge.

“The survey we conducted with Millward Brown shows there was quite a bit of commonality among today’s most successful marketers in terms of where they’re investing the most time, money and resources across various marketing activities, technology and more,” said Kentico CEO and founder, Petr Palas.

“While it’s exciting to see so many of today’s high performing marketers planning for the full-scale emergence of big data and the Internet of Things, older mainstays such as email marketing, which is staging a comeback of sorts, are also attracting a great deal of investment in 2015.”

Email marketing is currently contributing to 30% of all digital revenues in businesses, according to recent figures from the DMA. Its ‘comeback’ is in main due to the rising importance of personalised marketing campaigns, and is driving spending in the area as automation tools become more sophisticated.  

Social media on the other hand is deemed more nascent, but expected to offer just as much ROI success as email in coming years.  

Social media advertising spend was already on an upward trend throughout 2014, with eMarketer reporting that 10% of all digital advertising revenue is now driven from social media – a 50% uplift on 2013’s figures.  

Elsewhere, a good proportion of the expected spend is likely to go into technology and infrastructure to support social, as well has hiring more social media employees.

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