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TV advertising more powerful than print – study

28th Aug 2012
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TV advertising has made the greatest impact on consumers in 2012 with 57% of viewers rating it ahead of newspaper (15%) and magazine ads (13%).

That’s according to a new report from Deloitte which showed TV came up trumps for the fourth year in a row.

Additionally, the report revealed nearly 20% of viewers claimed to have bought products after seeing the advertisements whilst nearly 16% talked about the adverts with others in the room and a further 16% discussed with colleagues, friends and family the nest day.

The survey of 2,000 respondents also revealed that TV adverts have more of an impression on viewers than online display media. Only 1% of consumers rated smartphone banner ads as having most impact, compared to 3% picking banner adverts on websites whilst only 4% chose adverts or sponsored links in internet search engines and 3% selected video adverts on websites.

Paul Lee, director of technology, media and telecommunications research at Deloitte, said: “The UK’s willingness to consume adverts in such quantities and advertisers’ continued eagerness to invest billions in TV advertising perplexes many commentators. Some regard the traditional TV advertising model, based on the 30-second spot, as fundamentally broken.”

He added: “Traditional TV advertising model, is neither broken nor breaking. It has, for the fourth year running, maintained its ranking as the advertising medium with the greatest impact and by a clear margin. Advertising is multi-faceted and every campaign will have a different objective. At present there is no equivalent for companies to promote a new brand, product or service quickly and reach consumers across the UK.”


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By Wilges
31st Mar 2018 03:41

6 years later today, I dare to say that TV advertising isn't as effective as digital advertising. This is because of the extensive internet content that viewers prefer over TV. Quality printing ads on the other hand still has its effect on viewers who are still commuting on a daily basis, both by public transport and private. We have bus ads, street signs and others which are considered as print ads which are believed to still have a certain level of effectiveness on commuters.

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