Uruguay pension fund goes live on Onyx


Republica AFAP, Uruguay's leader in managed pension funds, has gone live on Onyx Customer Management.

Prior to implementing the Onyx solution, Republica AFAP was using several internal systems to manage customer relationships. Onyx was chosen based on three major factors: product, price and service.

Implemented by Latin American consulting firm SONDA, Republica AFAP is using Onyx to achieve its objectives of improving customer-facing processes while creating a single, unified view of each customer.

"Our clients and their employees are looking for a trusted, long-term partner that is responsive to their needs for timely and knowledgeable assistance and broad corporate support. For Republica AFAP, providing excellent customer service is a key part of our mission as an organization," said Juan Pablo Raineri, Quality Manager, of Republica AFAP. "In order to deliver on that mission, it is critical that we have a system that allows us to truly understand and serve our customers and to do so cost effectively."

Utilising the powerful features of Onyx 5.0, Republica AFAP has centralised customer data, delivered mobile access to the Onyx system to field agents via Palm Handhelds, and is effectively managing internal business processes impacting the customer experience.

"Working closely as a team with Onyx and Republica AFAP, we implemented and rolled out the new solution even faster than we had anticipated," said Gabriel Augustower, Project Manager of SONDA. "This included all of the customization, modification of business rules, and the integration with the PBX system at Republica, which is a real testament to the flexibility of the Onyx system."

Republica AFAP has already seen the benefits of Onyx within a few weeks of implementing the system. Users have embraced the new Onyx system, which delivers complete customer information at their fingertips, including a record of all prior customer communications such as phone and email.

Key tasks can be completed in one-fourth the time previously required, enabling customer service representatives to respond faster to customer inquiries. Onyx's list and task management capabilities slash the time required to prepare for outbound calls, enabling users to spend more time delivering better customer service.

In addition, the mobile sales force now has access to the Onyx system in real time, allowing them to respond faster to customer claims, update account data, print balances, or enter service requests while on the road.

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