Web Services Examples for CRMOndemand

29th Aug 2004

I'm a programmer with Virginia College Online. We have a Siebels CRMOnDemand Systems that has just been set-up with XML Web Services.

The manual is terrible. I'm looking for some practical programs to query the database and insert new account records.

I'm a VB/VB.Net/ASP.Net and SQL Database programmer.


Stephan Onisick
[email protected]
Stephan Onisick

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By AnonymousUser
06th Dec 2004 20:03

Steve Bardowell was helpful in supplying some code in C#.

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By gellis
19th Feb 2005 14:55

Hi Stephan,
I am not sure what exactly you wish to query from your SQL server and what information/ support you wish to receive in regard to your software development.
We are happy to offer you to joining our programmers in a global development team we manage for integrating applications (such as Siebel) with mobile phones with Symbian OS, using XML. You can read more:

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