2002 CRM Confidence Barometer

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A short time ago, many of you participated in our CRM-Forum Confidence Barometer 2002 - The realities facing CRM purchasers and vendors today. The results have now been collated and analysed by Hewson Group. Hewson Group have scrutinised the findings and kindly written a
commentary. The report itself covers a large number questions including:

  • How many companies have a defined CRM Strategy
  • Satisfaction levels with CRM
  • Overall confidence in CRM
  • What areas are project hotspots

If you think that any of this could be useful or important to your company you can download the report in its entirety at no charge, here:


"The 2002 CRM Confidence Barometer tells us that in the next 12 months spending on very large CRM projects (over $5m) is likely to decrease by about a third but that spending on projects less than $5m is actually set to rise by between 5-25%. This is a very interesting
confirmation of something that looked likely. It may not mean that companies are not going to buy from high end vendors but it probably does mean that open ended project spend is no longer justifiable and a certain amount of rigour is being applied. It probably also presages swapping of some spend from strategic to tactical level projects and may suggest mid market activity that is actually new. Overall, for the industry it appears quite good news as investment in CRM looks set for at least a small measure of growth on these figures"

We will be doing the fieldwork for the next study in November 2002 and the CRM-Forum would like to invite you to participate again - you tell us the truth and we tell you what everyone else says before everyone else gets to see the results!

We would also like to add a quick word of thanks to the sponsors of this project ACCPAC. Their support has made it possible we are most grateful to them and all our sponsors who enable us to remain independent. Other Accpac documents can be downloaded here:

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